5 Things Your barista already knows about you

5 Things Your barista already knows about you

Your barista knows more about you than you think. Sounds creepy, but it’s true! We baristas are a curious and inquisitive lot. We get to meet hundreds of people every day and as a result we’ve become quite proficient at reading people! Many of us call into our local Adelaide café and see our barista daily. Naturally, there is a reciprocal getting to know one another! What you may not realise is that there is a trove of things your barista already knows about you before you’ve even told them! Read on and allow me to explain…

We know how you’re sleeping!

Of course you drink coffee because you love the taste… but it’s ok to admit that from time to time (most days) you rely on the caffeine in your cup to provide you with just enough motivation to get you through the front door at work! Let’s be honest, for most of us coffee lovers, our brain doesn’t get out of first gear until we’ve had our hit. 

Some days require a greater level of caffeine dependency than others. Some days, for whatever reason, we’re coming off the back of crappy night’s sleep! It might have been that the baby kept us up all night, or that we couldn’t stop thinking about the presentation we have to give at work the next day. Either way: your barista knows! When Bob with the small latte suddenly asks for a quadruple shot large latte; we know something’s up! 

Bub on the way?

When someone who has always ordered caffeinated coffee suddenly switches to decaf, there are usually only 2 reasons:

  1. Their doctor has recommended it. 
  2. They’re pregnant! 

There is a general consensus among the medical world that women who are expecting should limit their caffeine intake. Many women therefore decide to eliminate their daily full-strength espresso coffee from their diet and replace it with a decaffeinated equivalent. The hilarious fact of the matter is that quite often the barista is the second person to find out about said pregnancy. More than once while working behind the coffee machine at First Things First Coffee I have been sworn to secrecy by excited soon-to-be mums! 

You’ve started a diet!  

If you’ve decided to jump on the health bandwagon, there is a fair chance your barista has figured it out, even before you’ve told them!  It’s not the fact that you’re standing there in activewear, reading a copy of Men’s Fitness; it’s the change to your coffee order. It might be that you’ve dropped the sugar from your drink, or even more drastically; changed from a milk-based to a water-based coffee.  For most people, their coffee is right at the top of their food pecking order; it’s the one thing they won’t change come hell or high water! Therefore, when we see that someone has changed up their coffee order for the healthier, it’s often an indication that there are some broader lifestyle changes being made in their lives as well.   

The state of your guts!

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with lactose. For an increasing number of Adelaide coffee drinkers, being able to enjoy a latte with dairy milk is a concept that their guts simply no longer agree with! When a regular customer switches from dairy milk to a non-lactose milk (such as soy, almond, coconut or Zymil) it could be an ethical decision or a weight loss decision; but 9 times out of 10 it’s a gut health decision! If you think it’s a bit weird that your barista knows the state of your digestive health, you’re absolutely right; it is weird!  

One of the lactose free options offered at First Things First Coffee

Your relationship status 

Ok, so here’s the scenario. John and Jane are a nice young couple that pop in to their local Adelaide café every single weekday to grab their two soy lattes. They share a few minutes of friendly banter with their barista and then just like that, they’re out the door again and on their way to work. This happens every day like clockwork. All of a sudden, Jane starts coming in by herself. Could John be away on business? Maybe he’s down with the flu and taking a few days off work? As the weeks go by, it starts to become evident that John and Jane are no longer together! Jane has finally realised what her friends have been telling her for years: ‘Girl, you can do better’! She didn’t even need to fill in her attentive barista of the news: they’d already guessed it! 

Reckon you’ve got a job that requires you to be good at reading people? Tell us about it below!