There are approximately 20,000 cafes in Australia. With such a breadth of competitors in the market, what do you do to stand out from the pack? You start a viral trend; that’s what! The last few years have seen the rise (and fall) of a number of cool, crazy and downright bizarre coffee trends. Let’s have a look backat some of the ones that got us talking!

Deconstructed coffee
In mid 2016, social media lost its mind after images started surfacing of what was termed the ‘deconstructed latte’. In what many on social media deemed ‘peak hipster’, the images out of (you guessed it) Melbourne, showed 3 science beakers on a paddle; one filled with espresso, one filled with water and the third, filled with hot milk. The idea being that the drinker would combine the three elements themselves to essentially make their own latte! While the original images came from a café in Abbotsford called The Kitchen at Weylandts, it is thought that a number of Australian cafes caught on and attempted to ride the (controversial) ground swell. Jamila Rizvi uploaded the original viral pic to Facebook and stated: “Sorry Melbourne but no. No no no no no. I wanted a coffee. Not a science experiment… Next stage? I’ll just get a chopping board with a bunch of actual coffee beans and an upside down hat on it”.
The news of the deconstructed latte made news all over the world and served to only further solidify Melbourne’s image as the hipster capital of Australia! The fact that we don’t see the deconstructed latte in any of our local Adelaide cafes today is perhaps testament to the fact that the general public didn’t appreciate the novelty!

Read the original article in The Age here

Broccoli latte
Heading once again to Melbourne, where earlier this year news broke about a café called Common Folk in Mornington that had added a rather unusual item to its drinks menu; a broccoli latte! The broccoli latte is made with a special broccoli powder that was actually created by scientists at the CSIRO. The powder came about as a way to get Australians to eat more vegetables. In addition, the product is made from imperfect produce; meaning that farmers have a use for all those crops that would have otherwise been thrown out. This is pretty handy when you consider that one third of the food produced for human consumption never actually makes it to our plates, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.
While no one is questioning the motives behind creating a healthy and sustainable broccoli powder, the reviews on the mean, green broccoli latte were, well, mixed!

Bulletproof Coffee

Do you like to add anything to your coffee? Milk? Sugar? Butter? Medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil? Ok, so those last two were meant to throw you off. Butter and oil in coffee?!
Come on… Believe it or not however, it is a thing! That thing is called Bulletproof coffee.
Bulletproof Coffee was created by a Silicon Valley investor/entrepreneur Dave Asprey. He claims that the product suppresses hunger, promotes mental clarity and provides steady, long-lasting energy. The Bulletproof Coffee literature suggests replacing your daily breakfast with a bulletproof coffee. The theory behind this bold suggestion is that Bulletproof coffee puts your body into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic process where the body does not have enough glucose to burn for energy, so it burns fat stores instead. For the record the official Australian Government health advice website Health Direct stops short of recommending the ketogenic diet to the general population due to the fact that long term effects are unknown. This author couldn’t help but give in to curiosity around Bulletproof coffee and give it a go- for the sake of good research! Perhaps I used the wrong MCT oil? Maybe the butter to coffee ratio was off? All I can say is that I can’t see the Adelaide coffee scene embracing Bulletproof coffee any time soon!

Nitrogen coffee
Have you ever thought to yourself; “it’s beer o’clock”… only to look down at your watch and realise it’s only 9am? Well then do I have the beverage for you: nitrogen coffee! Nitrogen coffee (or nitro coffee) is cold brew coffee charged with nitrogen. The result is a carbonated, smooth, creamy drink with a head not dissimilar to Guinness! It’s served out of a tap, just like a beer. Many Adelaide cafes are rolling nitro coffee out on their menu so keep an eye out for this refreshing summer option.

Rainbow coffee
Coffee and Instagram go hand in hand. It’s a sexy subject that looks great in photo and video mediums when done well. So how do you make coffee even prettier? Make it more colourful, obviously! In 2016 ‘rainbow coffee’ began to hit our Instagram feeds. Basically this craze saw the barista add a few drops of either food dye or natural colourings like turmeric and beetroot to their milk. They then pour the milk into the espresso in the same way they normally would; only the addition of the colourings creates a crazy colourful contrast in the cup.
Check them out here.

Have you come across anything a little out of the ordinary while making your way around our local Adelaide cafes? We’d love to hear about any bold, beautiful or downright bizarre methods of making or serving coffee that you’ve seen.
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